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Product Name: Phthalic anhydride
CAS No: 85-44-9
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Carboxylic acids
Product spec: 99.5%
Packing: drum
Valid Period: 2023-11-01
Description: Phthalic anhydride is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, agriculture, coatings, fine chemicals and other industrial sectors. China is mainly used for production of o-phthalic anhydride acid lipid plasticizers, easy to use total consumption of phthalic anhydride phthalic anhydride about 60%, 25% of dyes and paints, unsaturated resins and other products accounted for about 15%. Anhydride is an important organic chemical raw materials, mainly for the production of plastic plasticizers, alkyd resins, dyes, unsaturated resin and certain medicines and pesticides.
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