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Product Name: Polyether
CAS No: 9003-11-6
Product Type: Organic Chemicals and Derivatives -> Alcohol and aether compounds
Product spec: 99%
Packing: 200KG/drum
Valid Period: 2023-11-01
Description: Polyether polyol (hereinafter referred to ether) is the starting dose (groups with active hydrogen compounds) and ethylene oxide propylene oxide (PO), oxetane (BO), etc. The presence of a catalyst addition polymerization reaction. Polyether as the greatest yield of glycerin (glycerol) as initiator and epoxide (PO and EO, and is generally used), by changing the PO and the EO of the feeding method (mixed with or separate from Canada), plus ratio, order of conditions, such as feed to produce a variety of common polyether polyol. Polyether (polyether polyol) is an important derivative of propylene oxide, synthetic polyurethane one of the main raw material.
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